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healer - jesse fisher

they opened with this spoken word (altered video though) during the Festival of Hope this past weekend and when i heard/saw it i got chills and tears at the same time . the cry at the end just gets me everytime.  

"you’ve been freed from your chains, your heartache and pain, just call on my name, his name is Jesus, his name is Jesus, his name is Jesus"  

welcome home
15th Sep 201421:27
"i could play the background" • festival of hope 2014 🎶 (at Air Canada Centre)
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~   George Mallory, from a letter to his wife Ruth during the 1921 Everest Reconnaissance Expedition  (via skyiseverywhere)

(via skyiseverywhere)

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"why is ‘salad king’ called ‘salad king’? they only have like two salads on their menu…"  (at Salad King)
8th Sep 201419:48
bye summer bye
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pistachio mousse 🍰😭 (at Pastel Creperie & Dessert House)
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"why are the coconuts always brown and furry in the pictures then?!" - me upon the discovery of green coconuts
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Opaque  by  andbamnan